PLEASE ORDER EARLY! We try not too run out of things but it's hard to predict demand. There are a few Miniatures and other bulbs in short supply. First orders in are first orders out. A few suggested choices for substitution or as extra bulbs are always appreciated. There is a box for this in the shopping cart process for payment and on the order form below.
ORDERS placed on the WEB site are acknowledged within 24 hours via e-mail. I try my best to respond to all other e-mail inquiries within 48 hours.
During the flowering season (March to May) I'll try hard to respond within 48 hours. The rest of the year I'll try and respond within 24 hours. Your e-mail correspondence to us is very important. I am a sole proprietor and I ask your patience and understanding if I am somewhat tardy during daffodil season. If I don't do "the work" when it needs to be done, it doesn't get done.
The new shopping cart feature on the WEB site provides fast, easy, and
secure ordering. For your convenience, all credit and debit cards are accepted. Due to our concern for your data security, NO credit card information is ever retained here. Your e-mail address will NOT be shared or distributed. If you'd like, you may print out an order form below and either FAX or mail it.
Packing and Shipping:
Packing: Bulbs are packed in light weight, breathable, solid paper sacks. Unlike mesh bags, individual paper sacks contain any skin debris within the bag and lessens the possibility of any cross contamination. We do not use the detested foam "peanuts" for packing. I have sourced and use the very old fashioned and costly shredded wood fiber (expanded "wood tow" or "wood excelsior") as I find it: cushions the bulbs, helps balance humidity, the large air spaces helps to moderate parcel temperature, it is natural, renewable, and totally compostable!
All shipping begins on Tuesday, September 2nd for 2014 and will continue in rotation based on when your order is booked. All orders up to $100.00 ship for a flat fee of $7.50; Orders from $100.00 to $600.00 ship for a flat fee of $12.00. Orders above $600.00 are billed at cost of the actual shipping. All orders will be confirmed via e-mail and ship via USPS Priority Mail. I think the shorter (3 to 4 day) transit time is much better for the bulbs.
Overseas Orders
Packing and postage: We ship all overseas parcels via International Priority Mail. Cost is $20.00 (USD) for the first five bulbs. Add $2.00 for each additional bulb. The cost of a Phytosanitary Certificate is now up to $28.00 (USD). Please include this cost with your order. If required by your country, please provide 2 copies of your Import Permit along with your order. Due to the high cost of all of the above, I will provide extra free bonus bulbs equal to your real postage and phyto fee (if any) to help ease these high costs. In this way, both of us share in the burden of the high fees. Customs documents/valuation are provided at no charge.
Print or download pdf order form
Many thanks!
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