Name Your Very Own, EXCLUSIVE, Daffodil Variety

If you are looking for something super SPECIAL, totally RARE, and completely UNIQUE, READ ON!

Consider NAMING an EXCLUSIVE Daffodil Variety for a Friend, Loved One, Birthday, Church, Company Function, Corporate Event, Anniversary, Special Promotion, Valentines Day gift, Christmas, Hanukkah, Club or Society Function, Arbor Day planting, an Ex-spouse, a favored Pet, a Memorial, or to commemorate most any type of Event or Special Occasion. It is a wonderful way to recognize a Special Gardner, Garden Club Member or even for garden club Fund Raising. I’m sure you get the idea.

As a hybridizer raising and flowering thousands of daffodil seedlings every year, I annually have a LIMITED number of unregistered daffodil seedlings and seedling Selections that would be quite suitable for naming. Stocks of these bulbs range from as few as five to ten bulbs of a specific clone to as many as a few thousand bulbs of a few clones. They encompass ALL RHS Daffodil Divisions and ALL Color Codes. Many of these would be outstanding GARDEN VARIETIES or unusual and unique CUT FLOWER types. Some available are fine SHOW FLOWERS. All would be beautiful in the LANDSCAPE. Just about any style and color type would be available. The images on this page give a general idea of some stocks for this season.

Here’s how it works.

Contact me with your needs or a general idea of how you would like to “use” an exclusive Daffodil Variety. Include an idea of the quantity needed, color and type or style, if appropriate. I’ll send back a list of suitable stocks with the, Description, Cross Number and Parentage as well as a general idea of the per bulb price and the quantity available. You select and purchase the ENTIRE stock of bulbs that meets your needs. I ship the ENTIRE stock of bulbs you selected to you in early September along with a filled out RHS Daffodil Registration Form ( Includes all needed measurements, color code, parentage, description, etc, etc. ) You choose a name that has not been used previously (simple and easy to check on the RHS WEB Site below) fill it in on the form and mail it in to the RHS or your country’s Registrar. YOU become the official REGISTRANT. Once your name is accepted, the RHS will send you back an official Registration Certificate (suitable for framing) and you’re off to plant your bulbs!

Prices start in the low hundreds for this very exclusive, one of a kind, truly unique, gift.

Rescource Links for Naming Daffodils:
Cultivar Registration Page; Royal Horticultural Society - www.
Search the RHS Data Bank for a cultivar name -

V91-91-3 2W-PV95-215-6 7Y-Y(v)V97-223-8 4W-YV98-104-19 11aW-YYP