Other Plants:

The Other Plants in this section are mostly a reflection of my personal interest. As an example, I've maintained a small scale but intensive Clivia and Primula hybridizing program for close to twenty years. Over the years, I've managed to raise some truly outstanding and exciting new plants. It is these types of plants that are on offer in this section. These are exclusive offerings that are rare and choice. Hope you find some new things that stir your fancy! Please note the Plant Shipping terms below.

Shipping and Packing for Plants
Plant orders are shipped within three weeks of receipt of your order. Packing and shipping: One to five plants; $15.00, Five to ten plants; $30.00, Ten plus plants; shipped and billed at cost. All shipping is via USPS Priority Mail (3 to 4 Day). Shipping is automatically calculated and added to all WEB Shopping Cart Orders.