Division 12
Species Daffodils - All species and reputedly wild forms.

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Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde - 12G-GGY
Seedling # 85-V4-01 = Ashmore x (Grace Note x N. viridiflorus), Robert Spotts, USA, 2001, 3
Exceptional green hybrid from Bob Spott's advanced breeding program. 'Mesa Verde' has proven its hardiness up into zone 5. If you are looking to add one of the new green flowers to your garden, 'Mesa Verde' is truly multi-purpose being great for both garden and exhibition. Opens a sensational emerald green and slowly matures to a greeny yellow. As with many N. viridiflorus hybrids it has superb lasting qualities; often remaining in peak show form for an honest three weeks! This is a real winner that will make its mark on the show bench when it is more widely grown. Thanks to talented friend, Kirby Fong for the lovely photo. Much, much recommended.
$55.00 each
$ 55.00