Division 9
Poeticus Daffodils - Usually one flower to a stem. White petals sometimes stained with the corona color at the base, small flat cup edged with red. Fragrant.

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Cento - 9W-GYR
Seedling # V91-81-12 = Seagreen x Murlough, S. J. Vinisky, USA, 2012, 4
Name arises from the Latin word for "patchwork," Cento (also called a collage poem) is a poetic form made up of lines from poems by other poets. Somehow seemed appropriate as the flower is from an Engleheart poet crossed with a highly favored poet from Sir Frank Harrison. Nice, emerald green eye with intense color. Refined exhibition form. Lovely and understated.
$45.00 each
$ 45.00
Couplet - 9W-GYR
Seedling #V99-144-20 = [Doily x (Haiku x Luchon)], S. J. Vinisky, 2013, USA, 2013
A first ever availability of one of the smallest poets I've flowered. Gosh I'd love to Register this as a Miniature but… 'Couplet' opens at 46 - 47mm and remains so for a few days so it opens Miniature. The flower grows larger as it matures and spends most of its life between 50mm and 56mm. I feel I must classify it as petite Standard. I believe that hybridizers will find this to be an important, small poet that may be HIGHLY useful when combined with other Miniatures. One of the smallest poets I've raised. Nice color and good substance. Segments do show some incurving and have a graceful reflex. Heavy seeder and a great parent. May be shown as a Miniature poet on opening.
$60.00 each
$ 60.00