Division 8
Tazetta Daffodils - Usually three to twenty flowers to a stout stem, sweet scented and very short cupped. Perianth segments rounded and often somewhat crinkled.

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Tazetta odoratus
Tazetta odoratus
Tazetta odoratus - 8W-Y
( syn. ‘Odorata’ ), Found by Alec Gray on the Scilly Isles, Pre-1936, 3
Now added to the A. D. S. Miniatures List. Named by Alec Gray. Resembles a slightly taller ‘Canaliculatus’ as it begins to bloom. Dwarf as it starts into bloom, the foliage and stems elongate so that, at peak, the stems are about 10” to 12” depending on the season. At senescence, the foliage approaches a standard tazetta. The fragrance is something really special. Once described by Alec Gray as “apricot scented”. We find it sweet and light with none of the catty undertone in standard paperwhites. Has a much larger bulbs than ‘Canaliculatus’ with excellent, walnut colored skins. Choice cut flower with a wonderful scent.
$7.00 each or 3 for $16.00
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