About Cherry Creek
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It all started with a madly passionate love for gardening.........

Cherry Creek is really just me, Steve Vinisky. I am a small, specialist grower / plant breeder focusing on modern hybrid Daffodils, species Narcissus as well as other rare plants and bulbs for the enthusiastic gardener or collector.

2017 is my 31st year actively hybridizing Daffodils and our 20th annual offering. This is now (and has been) my full time occupation. We moved to Oregon 25 years ago solely because it is the best climate in the USA for growing Daffodils. Our 5 acre “operation” is located at about 750 feet in elevation on a gentle, south facing slope. The daffodil fields cover about 3 acres and are not irrigated but rely on the abundant Oregon rainfall and our dry, warm summers. They revel in our ideal bulb climate.

Cherry Creek has grown to include 3 greenhouses. One greenhouse is maintained at a 60 degree night temperature year round. In it are tropical orchids and scads of Nerine sarniensis hybrids as well as Clivia species and hybrids. The second greenhouse is maintained at 45 degrees night temperature during the winter and in it are many South African bulbs but also many species Narcissus. The last and largest greenhouse ( 50’ x 15’ ) is kept at 33 degrees night temperature so it is really an “alpine house”. In it are Narcissus, cyclamen, primula, tulbaghia and other plants in which I have an interest.

Practically everything we offer is grown right here by me. I do annually order bulbs from friends that are growers in Holland but these are virtually all potted up for spring plant sales. These special potted bulbs are available at mostly local spring plant sales and/or wholesaled to select local Nurseries. EVERYTHING offered in our catalog has flowered here with 99% grown here for somewhere between five to fifteen years.

The Cherry Creek business plan does NOT call for us to grow into “Con-hugeco” or become billionaires. Our stated goals are to hybridize, breed, search out, create and bring to market :

1) Strong, healthy bulbs and/or plants that are exceptionally fine garden subjects and grow well in varied climates.
2) Pursue new colors, shapes and forms.
3) Combine these new colors, shapes, forms that are also good garden plants with superior, consistent, exhibition characteristics.
4) Maintain positive, honest, ethical business practices that encourages customers to become friends.
5) Be able to make a modest living.

I maintain, clean, healthy, true to name stocks. Our fields, plants and bulbs are regularly inspected for pests and diseases by USDA Plant Inspectors.

Please Note: Due to the increase in January of United States Postal charges for Parcel Shipments, we have been forced to change our shipping terms! Do review these modest changes on the "About Ordering" page.

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